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Dr. Blessing

Beverly Blessing, CNP.  PHD

Dr. Blessing brings to Fleur over 29 years in health care as a family nurse practitioner and women’s health nurse practitioner.

She was a state legislative assistant and congressional briefer on health care issues and was consultant to the Surgeon General and the Secretary of Defense on health care system improvements and redesign.

Bev was also the chief operations officer at the University of Texas Medical School Group Practice in Houston, Texas.

She moved to the Coachella Valley in 1999 and has established her reputation as a caring advocate in women’s health. Her area of expertise is in routine women’s health care management, to include pregnancy care, contraceptive management, hormone replacement therapy, and issues facing the aging female. Dr Blessing believes that each of us should strive to be our personal best regardless of where we are in our life story, and therefore she focuses her efforts with her clients on a continuous process of ever improving optimized health.

Dr. Blessing and Dr. Jacome have worked together since 2006 developing a partnership that reflects their desires to help women continually improve their health and feeling of well being. This partnership provides the foundation for insuring Fleur Women's Health excels in meeting the ever changing health care needs of women throughout their life cycle.



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