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Patient Education: Cervical Endometriosis

  Endometriosis is when cells similar to the cells of the uterus lining develop elsewhere in the body. These growths often form on the ovaries or fallopian tubes. How common is it? Endometriosis affects an estimated 6 to 10 percent … Continue reading

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How Long After My Hysterectomy Should I Wait To Have Sex?

After having a hysterectomy many women worry about what their life will be like, including their sex life. Although everyone heals differently, a person may experience some common side effects after surgery that may initially affect sex. Given time to heal, … Continue reading

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What To Expect Before, During & After An Oophorectomy Surgery

The term oophorectomy is used to describe the surgical removal of one or both of the ovaries. It is also called ovariectomy. The surgery may just remove the ovaries, or it may be a part of a hysterectomy, which is the … Continue reading

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Health Resolution Ideas For Women In 2018

Every year, women make health and wellness resolutions for the coming year. Unfortunately, they often have a tough time sticking to them. Sixty percent of gym memberships are out of use by mid-February, and it appears we aren’t making progress outside the … Continue reading

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New Study Shows Cadmium May Raise The Risk Of Endometrial Cancer

Women may be at higher risk of endometrial cancer if they have raised levels of cadmium, a toxic metal that mimics estrogen in the body. So suggest researchers from the University of Missouri in Columbia, in a new study published … Continue reading

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Important Facts About Menopause

Menopause means the end of a woman’s fertility cycle. It is a natural process with hormonal and physiological changes. Knowing what to expect can make the transition simpler. Here are some important facts: 1. Menopause only fully happens 12 months … Continue reading

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Research Shows Miscarriage Risk May Be Higher With Use Of Common Antibiotics

A new study suggests that guidelines for antibiotic use during early pregnancy might need to be reviewed, after finding that some common classes of the drug could double the risk of miscarriage. Researchers from the University of Montreal in Canada … Continue reading

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The Anatomy And Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

  Certain changes in the breast may be early signs of breast cancer. Knowing what these changes look like can help people access the right treatment, as soon as possible. Understanding the different parts of the breast and their functions can … Continue reading

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Experimental Drug Offers Hope For Women With Frequent Menopausal Hot Flushes

Women plagued by frequent hot flushes/flashes during menopause could cut the number of flushes/flashes by almost three-quarters, thanks to a new drug compound. In a trial carried out at Imperial College London, researchers showed that women who suffered seven or more … Continue reading

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The Most Common Birth Control Pill Side Effects

Common side effects of oral contraceptives include: intermenstrual spotting, nausea, breast tenderness, headaches, weight gain, mood changes, missed periods, decreased libido, vaginal discharge and visual changes with contact lenses. Let’s look at each of these side effects in detail below:   1. Intermenstrual spotting … Continue reading

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