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Healthy Summer Eating Tips

Here are five incredible and simple tips for healthier eating this summer: Work more veggies into your diet. I like adding avocado to my sandwiches. Or the next time you’re cooking fish, meat, or poultry, try this: sauté some peppers, onion, garlic, … Continue reading

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Menopause – What You Need To Know

Menopause means the end of a woman’s fertility cycle. It is a natural process with hormonal and physiological changes. Knowing what to expect can make the transition simpler. Here are some important facts: 1. Menopause only fully happens 12 months … Continue reading

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2019 Health Resolutions For Women

If you’re looking for New Year’s health resolution ideas you can actually stick to, well, here are some that you can and should keep: 1. Make annual primary care appointments. A lot of women skip seeing their primary care doctor … Continue reading

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Holiday Season Health And Nutrition Tips For Women

Indulge Without Overindulging Relax – You won’t gain 10 pounds It’s a misconception that you’ll need to go up a pant size in January. The average person gains only about a pound during the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. … Continue reading

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Symptoms Of A Polyp Of The Cervix

A cervical polyp is a growth that develops on the cervix, which is the canal connecting the uterus to the vagina. Sperm must pass through this canal to fertilize an egg. Cervical polyps are tumors, but they are usually non-cancerous, … Continue reading

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Causes Of Cramps & Discharge

Many women experience abdominal cramps and vaginal discharge. Pain low in the tummy and around the belly button is usually described as cramping. Some discharge from the vagina and cervix is usual. It varies in response to hormones produced as part of … Continue reading

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How Long After My Hysterectomy Should I Wait To Have Sex?

After having a hysterectomy many women worry about what their life will be like, including their sex life. Although everyone heals differently, a person may experience some common side effects after surgery that may initially affect sex. Given time to heal, … Continue reading

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What To Expect Before, During & After An Oophorectomy Surgery

The term oophorectomy is used to describe the surgical removal of one or both of the ovaries. It is also called ovariectomy. The surgery may just remove the ovaries, or it may be a part of a hysterectomy, which is the … Continue reading

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Research Shows Miscarriage Risk May Be Higher With Use Of Common Antibiotics

A new study suggests that guidelines for antibiotic use during early pregnancy might need to be reviewed, after finding that some common classes of the drug could double the risk of miscarriage. Researchers from the University of Montreal in Canada … Continue reading

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The Anatomy And Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer

  Certain changes in the breast may be early signs of breast cancer. Knowing what these changes look like can help people access the right treatment, as soon as possible. Understanding the different parts of the breast and their functions can … Continue reading

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