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Health Resolutions Every Woman Should Keep In 2017

2017-1Every year, women make health and wellness resolutions for the coming year. Unfortunately, they often have a tough time sticking to them. Sixty percent of gym memberships are out of use by mid-February, and it appears we aren’t making progress outside the gym either – 66 percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Here are some health resolutions women should consider making for the coming year:

Go for your health checkups
A lot of women tend to ignore our health, either by citing time constraints or because they feel nothing is wrong with them. This year, give your body first priority and go for an annual Women’s health check up. Women need to make time for an annual breast exam & pap smear. Click here to contact us about your checkup.

Quit smoking
We all have said it many times that smoking is bad for health. In 2012, all the non-smokers and smokers should come together to make this world smoke free. While non-smokers can lend the necessary support, the smokers need to make a plan to kick the butt.

Protect yourself
Protect yourself from seasonal diseases by getting yourself vaccinated.

Don’t indulge in self medication
This year a lot has been said about anti microbial resistance, which has made most viruses immune to the medicines we usually take. Women can do their bit to stop this by taking drugs and medicines only when prescribed and to desist from self-medication.

Exercise daily
The benefits of exercise are endless from losing weight to increasing your bone density and muscle mass to releasing endorphins and so on. Hence, to keep diseases at bay and to live a healthy lifestyle, all you need to do is reserve 45 minutes of your time for some exercise. Join a gym or a dance class, run, walk or use the stairs… there are many ways to stay fit.

Spend more time outdoors
In this digital world, lets give our eyes and body a break from the computer screens and televisions and venture outdoors. Go for a stroll in the park or start playing an outdoor game. Plan your holidays on the country side or go for a trek or a hike.

Eat healthy 
A healthy diet goes a long way. So stop yo-yo dieting and maintain a balanced meal plan. Have 5-6 mini meals and make sure you are getting your servings of fruits and vegetables. Cut down on fried and processed food. Keep one cheat day during the week so you don’t feel deprived.

Drink healthy fluids
Thirst often masquerades as hunger and many a times we tend to ignore the need of hydrating ourselves. So, promise yourselve this year that you’re going to drink our 12 glasses of water. Add to that a few refreshing healthy drinks like fresh fruit juices or limbu paani during the day. For those of you who drink, cut down on the alcohol and limit your intake to twice a week.

Pamper your skin
Being healthy is not only about feeling good but also looking good. So take care of your skin and hair as much as you would take care of the rest of your body. Pamper your skin with suitable moisturises and go for your monthly face cleanups.

Unbroken, peaceful sleep is important for your mind and body to function well. So get yourself into the routine to sleep for seven hours at night and avoid having alcohol or caffeine around those times along with avoiding those not so healthy midnight snacks.

In today’s fast paced life, stress seems to be something everyone is suffering from. It can lead to poor digestion, a weak immune system, high blood pressure and not to mention mental strain. Drop the load of your shoulders once in a while and de-stress with some breathing exercises, meditation or maybe a spa treatment.

Build your support network
Meaningful relationships are the much needed support system we need for mental and spiritual peace. This year invest more of your time in developing and nurturing the relationships you share with your family and friends, thus prioritising your heart over your mind.


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