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At Fleur, we offer a full range of gynecological care for women of all ages, from adolescence through menopause and beyond. Committed to keeping you at your best for years to come, we deliver the most effective care in all areas of women’s health, through an individualized and compassionate care, and the use of advanced medical techniques.

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Gynecology Resource Center

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typical conditions treated by us

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Cervical Dysplasia (Abnormal Pap)    
Uterine Bleeding    
Urinary Incontinence    
Ovarian Cyst    
Uterine Fibroids    


Gynecological In-Office Procedures

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Cervical Cancer Screening / Cervical Cancer)  
Colposcopy with Biopsy (Colposcopy with Cervical Biopsy)    
EMB (Endometrial Biopsy)    
Pap Test and Pelvic Exam